Wedding Film or Wedding Video: What’s the Difference?

Wedding Video or Wedding Film?

Wedding film, wed­ding video, wed­ding movie, wed­ding cin­e­ma, wed­ding videog­ra­phy: These terms are often used inter­change­ably. So why do we call our­selves Chicago Wedding Filmmakers even though we use dig­i­tal cam­eras instead of film?

It’s About the Technique

Digital cam­eras are now used through­out the film indus­try. Very few movies released in the past few years were actu­al­ly shot on film, and movie the­aters now show those films using dig­i­tal pro­jec­tors rather than cans of film. So no mat­ter who shoots it, your wed­ding day movie is like­ly to be shot on dig­i­tal cam­eras.

So what makes it a film?

Is it the use of care­ful com­po­si­tion of images, care­ful thought about light­ing, high-qual­i­ty audio cap­ture so you can hear every word said, the use of edit­ing soft­ware to cut from one moment to the next, pro­vides tran­si­tions, and use col­or-grad­ing to cre­ate a cin­e­mat­ic look? That’s part of it, and we cer­tain­ly do all those things. But so do music videos, and we still call them “videos.”

What sets it apart is the sto­ry­telling. We’re not just cre­at­ing a music video of pret­ty images of you and your guests in stun­ning dress­es, sur­round­ed by flow­ers and all those details of decor you have wor­ried over for the months lead­ing up to this day. Some wed­ding video­g­ra­phers do that and think that’s enough.

It’s the Story of You

For us what makes it a film and not just a video is sto­ry­telling. We want to tell your paired sto­ries through the lens of this momen­tous day, a day that pro­found­ly changes the tra­jec­to­ry of your life. In the weeks before your wed­ding, we’ll want to sit down and talk to you and ask you some ques­tions so that we know your sto­ry: What brought you to this day? Are you bold and dar­ing or qui­et and reserved? Are you ana­lyt­i­cal or cre­ative, or both? When you go to the ice cream store, is it the vanil­la cone every time, a mocha tof­fee or peanut but­ter cup con­crete, or a dif­fer­ent exot­ic fruit gela­to every time? What does your fiancé order? When did you meet this per­son you now want to make a solemn vow to? When did you know that he or she was the one? What was your first car trip like? Who chose the music for the day and why?

These can all end up being part of your sto­ry and thus part of your film. So it’s not just a doc­u­men­tary cap­ture of the cer­e­mo­ny (though that’s part of it). It’s not just mov­ing pret­ty pic­tures from your day set to music (though that’s part of it, too).

There’s only one you, and there’s only one per­son you’ve cho­sen to mar­ry. Telling a sto­ry about all the unique things the two of you bring to this day—individually and as a couple—is what makes us love what we do. And we hope it makes you love it, too.

It’s also what makes it a wed­ding film.

Let’s Make a Movie

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